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a guess-the-writer challenge

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haengbok_clock is a fanfic-challenge for the Super Junior fandom, borrowing the clever ideas of blind_go andsubrosa_tennis. Authors who sign up for the challenge will have their fics posted to the community anonymously at the time of the deadline, where the members will have a chance to guess the author's identity and win prizes for the highest number of correct answers.

Current round: SUMMER

oo1. Writers interested in submitting for the challenge sign up at this post by JUNE 11, 2008 11:59 PM EST. Leave the following information in the comments:

LJ username:
Writing archive:
(can be a link to LJ memories, a fic LJ or a separate site)

You may start writing as soon as you've signed up!

oo2. Those who sign up will be emailed with a unique ID.

oo3. Submissions should be emailed to the mods in the following format:

To: watermelon.claps@gmail.com
Subject: [ID number] Title

In the body of your email, please include the following:

Word count:
Character(s) or pairing(s):
Themes Use:

(text of fic)

Attach your fic as an RTF (preferred), DOC, or TXT file with the same formatting. If your fic exceeds 10,000 words (or the LiveJournal post word limit), please indicate chapter divisions so that we can post your fic in proper installments. Please also include HTML tags for any formatted text in your fic (e.g. <I> for italics, <B> for bold, <U> for underline). (The mods will certainly double-check to make sure all formatted text is tagged properly prior to posting but it will help us post faster if you include them.)

oo4. Fics will be posted in the community through watermelon_clap on August 19th, 2008. The members of the community will also be supplied with a list of all the authors that wrote for the challenge and their writing archives, in the interest of facilitating the guessing game.

oo5. Community members will post their guesses in an entry with screened comments. Writers will be allowed to guess for all fics that are not their own. The answers, along with the members with the highest percentage of correct guesses, will be posted on August 26th, 2008.


    The deadline for submissions is August 17th; 11:59 PM EST.
    All fics must be for the Super Junior fandom. Crossovers and AUs are allowed as long as the writing features Super Junior characters.
    Word count should be greater than 1500 words. There is no maximum limit.
    There are no restrictions on genre, rating or pairing.
    Authors are allowed to submit two solo work and up to two collaborative works.
    Writers may choose to write in their usual style or disguise it as they wish.

Email the mods at watermelon.claps[AT]gmail.com